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Do You Need A Drywall Contractor? If you live in Baton Rouge or any of the surrounding areas, then Martinez Construction LLC is your first choice in all drywall installation and repair work. We have a skilled team committed to strictly drywall installation and tape and float. These guys are truly amazing to watch. In most cases they can drywall a couple thousand square foot home in a single day. The tape and float part of the drywall installation process is the finishing touch that makes your home begin to look like a home. We can handle both residential and commercial drywall jobs. We are insured and have a list of references that are local. So make the right choice and call us for a free no obligation estimate.
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Martinez Construction LLC is a company you can trust with all your drywall needs. We work at a rapid pace and can schedule new projects to begin within a few days. If your home has flooded and has been completely gutted, we can help you to quickly put your walls back together. We have experience with flooded homes and know what to look for in order to avoid costly mistakes and future repairs. Whether your walls were gutted to the four foot mark or are gutted all the way to the ceiling, we can quickly install your drywall and insulation. Our drywall estimates usually include insulation, hang drywall and tape and float. When we leave your walls are ready for paint. Call us today and let one of our experienced drywall installers provide you with a no nonsense estimate.

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