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Typically you need to repaint the exterior of your home about every eight to ten years. Mostly this is going to depend on a few factors such as how much sun and weather damage the paint has sustained. We recommend that you walk around your home and check for a few things a couple times a year such as… Fading of the Paint Color. This is the most obvious reason to repaint the exterior of your house. Once the paint color or the shine of the paint begins to fade, it’s time to get your home repainted. Have you ever run your finger across the surface and had a white chalky substance come off on your hand? This is called chalking and it means the paint is beginning to oxidize and is a strong indication that it’s time to repaint.

Look for the paint to crack or peel from the stucco, or wood and aluminum windows. Your home will often have algae growing on them, usually this is either green, black, brown, or sometimes red in color. Algae actually consumes the material they are growing on. It’s a good idea to keep the surface cleaned and powerwashed. However, if the algae has done too much damage, it’s possibly time to repaint. The absolute best reason to keep fresh paint on your home is to protect the structure of your home from damage. Neglected paint will lead to rotting wood and cracks that allow insects to enter as well as could turn into costly and extensive repairs. Martinez construction offers a broad array of colors that are guaranteed against color fading and algae for a quality paint job done right the first time. Give us a call today, and setup a free estimate. We guarantee you’ll want to recommend us to your neighbors.

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