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If you are looking to add to your existing home whether your are doing a major addition with plumbing and electrical and or a small addition, there exists a process. Its important to start your addition with a company that has the experience to deliver but also the understanding of the process.


Here at Martinez Construction and Exteriors we not only understand the correct process to a successful addition, we have implemented this process and completed projects successfully many times.


Providing you with an estimate is really dependent on the details of your drawings and or blueprints. It is the blueprints that outline specific build details that will determine the overall cost. Therefore, step one is to get a set of drawings for your project.


That’s ok. Martinez Construction has the relationships in place to help make your dream Baton Rouge home addition a reality. We have both architects or draftsmen that can help to deliver your vision to the city for approval. Call us today to discuss your home addition details.


In cases where no footer plan is required or no plumbing layout is required an addition can take place and can get approved for permit by simply drawing the build details on a white piece of paper. Call us to discuss your addition and we can help you identify your first step.