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Additions, remodeling or new construction, framing is that one task that brings the project to life. With the right framers you can quickly go from a concrete slab to a visual of your new space. It is the framing that begins the process to a final product.


Martinez Construction and Exteriors has worked with several builders in the Southeastern Louisiana area. We can usually build a 2000 square foot space in approximately 5 days. Our team of new construction framers can properly read your blueprints and knows the proper code to follow for most parishes in Southeastern Louisiana.


Framing additions requires a good understanding of construction. There are many types of additions that require one to tie into an existing roof line or tie into existing top plates. These types of task must be performed with the right skills to deliver a quality build that will pass all local codes and last a lifetime.


Many home remodeling projects require some level of framing. Whether an entire wall is coming down or a wall going up, Martinez Construction can help you to complete your project. Call us today for a free no obligation quote.